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Confusingisms - Week 2

ATHEISM: the idea that there is no God

SCIENTISM: the idea that science explains everything

Vince gave us a rather simple way of defining those which is helpful as we delve into what these beliefs cover. I can get quite confused...

Whoa! We covered a lot of territory last Wednesday and you, undoubtedly, will cover much more as you work through the study this week. To paraphrase, we are looking at Christianity alongside current world views (ie atheism and scientism) so that we can understand what to believe and how to live and share those concepts with others in a respectful way.

Have you had your caffeine yet? If you haven't, I'll wait while your get your coffee or tea!

Click on the following names or titles to go to the Wikipedia page for a deeper understanding of current prominent atheists.






All world views answer the four crucial questions:

1) Origin: where did I come from?

2) Meaning: Why am I here?

3) Morality: How should I live?

4) Destiny: Where am I going?

Keep these in mind as you ask your Conversational Goal question for this week (to someone who is not a Christian):

Have you ever had an experience in your life that made you think there might be a God?

On a lighter note, click on the Prayer Partners tab to see the new list! Please pray at least once daily for your girl and try to get together once or twice to get to know them better! Feel free to forward prayer requests and general thoughts for me to post here. As far as the text messages - please continue to texts your urgent requests and praises. It is helpful to those that are working, etc. to not have the constant interruption of responses. We know that our sisters are immediately praying in agreement but it is often nice or needed to acknowledge the request. Please do so to the requestor personally! (Thank you!)

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