What is your banner?

As many of you know I really love to take photographs. I literally have over 11,000 in my data base and I’m only 58 years old.... (you do the math!)

One of the the things I love about the memory found in pictures is that often the photo allows me to see something else that I missed the first time I viewed it. It has an even greater impact on me than the amazing moment that I tried to capture in the first place! Take the photo above...My husband, Rich, only allowed me to take a photo of him in his company booth at the SPIE (no....I cannot remember what those letters stand for and he does NOT work for the CIA!!). When I reviewed the many photos taken over that week, this one taken last Wednesday stood out to me. (I do my lesson for our bible study at almost the same time you all do it, so I had just read about Yehweh Nissi, The LORD My Banner, the night before.) If someone didn’t know me, they would presume that I was well educated in Hermetic Packaging, High Heat / 0 Out Gas Sealing and some other really technological stuff because all of the signs around the booth suggest that this is true, but you all know me very well and because of that you are well aware of my many deficiencies in all things technical!! Instantly I was reminded that EVERYONE at this trade show was seating beneath a banner and the big question was, “What does their banner say about them?” Or better yet, “What are the banners that each of us sit beneath?” And in my case, “What is the banner that I wear? Carry? Drive?” And so on, and so on, and so on.....I am not coming from a place of judgement but rather a place of love, love for my Savior.....did anyone at the trade show know that I serve a Living God? Was I able to come across in the many conversations I engaged in as a kind, thoughtful, generous, Christ follower? Were others able to see in me my love of my family and friends?

Sometimes the quickest little banner I bring with me is my diamond cross pendant that Rich gave me for my birthday one year, I often feel like it’s the easiest way to let others know of a least one thing that I deem most important in my life. And it has been the start of many a conversation.

So, one thing that I realized from Lesson #9 was that I forgot that the LORD should be my banner at all times. How does that one thought change the way I speak and treat others? If I was actually wearing a sign with those words printed on it, would it radically change my words & actions? And even when I’m too exhausted to care about what anyone else thinks, Do I turn to you all, my Sisters In Christ, to prop me up the way Aaron & Hur held up Moses? Am I willing to meet with God in that quiet place to ask what HE reads on my banner? Can I really find the courage through The Spirit to ask one of my sisters to help me re-write a new one, with words HE finds pleasing & precious in HIS sight?

Pray for me. Pray for each other. Let’s walk together under the banner of Yeweh Nissi in love & humility toward lives of greatness. See you Wednesday ️